# leica dl2 and oqo

Since nearly three years I have an OQO 01 as my road unit. Using the UMTS modem feature of my mobile phone via Bluetooth I can send and receive important stuff when I`m on location. And I use the OQO as a remote control for time-lapse with my Digilux 2. The photos are directly captured on the OQO. Cause of having only a 20 gig HDD, non-powered firewire port and USB 1.0 this work is a little limited. So I had the idea of an external battery-powered firewire HDD. It looks like this is a very special cause there are not so many offers. But after a month of research, I found the Nexto CF. It is a really fast 160 gig Imagetank for CF cards (and with an adapter for many more different cards).

It has a built-in and an additional extern battery, firewire and USB 2.0 port. But nobody could tell me if the Nexto is powering with its battery if I connect it with the non-powered firewire port of my OQO 01. Cause of needing a fast image tank for a photo shooting I bought the Nexto. Now i’m very happy that it works with my OQO via firewire too. And watching photos it looks like the Nexto on my OQO is working faster than the build-in OQO HDD. So if you need a self-powering external HDD with us and firewire I really can recommend the Nexto.
Here you can find a very good review and test of the Nexto written by Hans-Jürgen Reggel   http://www.hjreggel.net/cardspeed/special-nextocf.html

And here are some photos of my setup and the Nexto CF

Original post:

Update: I had used the Digilux 2 and the Leica remote software for interview sessions between the documentary project about Hermann Prey. On the DVD Prey – Stille meine Liebe you can see the video versions of interviews with Thomas Hampson, Jonas Kaufmann and many more. Talking about Hermann Prey, passion, music and the price for being a star. But additional to the video cameras I had taken the Leica in time lap mode, every 10  seconds a picture. Cause most of the interviews had been indoor I used a relatively long exposure time. So it is possible to watch in the results how deeply committed the people in front of our cameras had been. www.stille-meine-liebe.de www.hermannprey.info


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