modding the fuji finepix f31fd


Next to my Digilux 2 I use a Fuji F31FD which is the best ps camera for shooting in available light. No other consumer camera has such a good performance in 800/1600 iso (excluding the F20 and F30 from Fuji cause of using the same sensor). But compared to my Digilux 2 I missed some ergonomic things. So I made different modding.

I´m wearing glasses and have to hold the camera 40 cm apart for focus with the LCD. The answer is a Voigtlaender 35mm viewfinder. For this, I fixed a hot-shoe adapter with glue on the top of the camera. Cause of using the F31 mostly with 36mm the Voigtländer works perfectly. Especial in lowlight and with glasses. Next, I took an LCD-hood and fixed it with two little magnetic stripes. So it`s easy to put it on and of the LCD. For a better left hand grip, for using filters or for a wide lens I bought the special filter adapter. And for lens protection a lens hood which fits perfect on the adaptor. Every modding part is matching the design of the F31 very well. So now the F31 looks a little bit like a stylish modern viewfinder camera. The whole stuff is no custom-made but all parts of this modding can be bought in some internet-shops or on eBay. And in 15 seconds the modding can be rebuild (excluding the hot-shoe). To finish the modding I will put a clamp on the cameras left side for using a neck strap.


Complete modding set_

Full review of the F31FD_

Lens Adapter_


LCD Hood_



  • Hi Ted and thanks for the kind words to the moddings and the pictures. It had cost me a lot of time to get the lens adapter. First i found an “universal adapter” on ebay.
    But it had to much options to adjust. Then i found the adapter you can see on this blog at an Japanese webside. But it was sold out:-)
    It took 2 hours more of expressive googleing to find a dealer in spain, who sells the adapter (only) in a set with a filter. I bought a polar-filter and the very solid made stuff.

    It fits and looks perfect on the F31FD and the F30. Very good for working with filters and very good for holding the camera quiet steady with the left hand.
    Last week i was on a design exhibition and a lot of people wanted to know, which expensiv and nice looking camera i have:-)
    Next week i will test a wide lens on the adapter.
    Best regards


  • Hi,
    I´m based in Germany and i`m working in a film company. Photography is a good way for relaxation, cause in comparison to filmmaking you need a minimum stuff and no big team. It have more to do with silence:-)
    I take a 0,5 wide converter with a 37mm mount from ebay.

    Only problem is that the front houses of the camera lens makes a little bit reflections from inside.
    Maybe i will put some black tape on to the metal. Next week i will test the setup and post some shots.

    Best regards


  • It is poorly a little to busy at work but next week i`m on Amrum and can test the setup. And post the results. The hood have a filter threat for putting it on the top of the lens adapter or in front a filter.

    Best regards,



  • Hello “brainwalker”, I love the wideangle pics that I discovered of yours on the fujitalk site of dpreview, including the dog and the girl on the swing.

    I just acquired an F31 and am very interested in your wide angle adapter.
    Does the link to ebay take me to the exact lens that I need (“WIDE ANGLE 0.5X LENS AF X.5 for SONY JVC CAMCORDER 37mm”), and if so, is it really selling for US $17.95?

    …and then what? How do I attach a lens adapter to a lens that zooms in and out?

    Thanks for any/all shared knowledge.

    Regards, Howard


  • Hi Howard,
    Thanks for your kind words.
    The ebay wide angle adapter is an example and a “cheap” test for my modding. If i will do more wide angle shots i will buy a better quality version cause the distortion and circle-blur of the ebay wide angle lens is a little bit to big. But you can use every adapter with a 37mm threat.
    Or you can use threatadapters from 37mm to the dimension of your converter threat. The lens adapter i use have the same square dimension like the F31FD lens in the widest out position. With my ebay wide angle i can use my complete zoomrange.
    But the quality of a normal or tele shot through a pluged wide converter have a lot to do with the quality of the converter lens. The converter of my Digilux2 had cost more then 500 dollars new or 150 dollars used from ebay. So if you will do snapshots you can use the ebay lens very good.
    But if you want to make technical perfect photos you have to invest a little bit more. And you have to look for wide converter especialy for photocameras and not for videocameras.




  • Hi, Brainwalker,

    I think your modding is very good. Could you help me finding a store for this lens adapter? I don’t seem to find any.



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