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diver 46mm einsatzuhr Customized watch dimensions_ 46 mm material_ stainless steel    Individualisierung einer Uhr  Dimensionen_ 46 mm  Material_ Edelstahl

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label_ timelock object_ LACO  NAVY  SPECIAL  SERIES 1 /  ETA  9040 / 2892-A2 customization  profile_  black  band  attachments  by  LACO / blank  date  disc by SOPROD / reverse  date  disc  by CAUSEMANN / darken  “Laco”  writing  on dial by CAUSEMANN / engraving watch  case  by BERGER / two piece  black zulu strap by WESTCOSTIME creation date_ 2010






    That is just beautiful. Very nice work. I have the same watch, model 861215 with black PVD bezel. I wanted to ask you if you know how to remove the bezel. If you know, could you please share with me how to take the bezel off? I am thinking about customizing my bezel. I appreciate your reply and thank you.

    • Hi Derek, thanks for your compliment and welcome as the owner of a Laco watch. But I have to disappoint you with the bezel. To my knowledge there is no way to remove it without distroying the case. The idear behind this was a stronger connection between the two parts. With the disadvantage that the bezel can not be repaired. As my every day “working horse” I have a specimen of the “smaller” 861216 Laco, in which probably dirt got into the ball bearing of the bezel and blocked it. And you can not do anything. Cause years ago Laco had stopped the production of the series and so there is no new housing on the market for exchange. Fortunately the bezel is exactly on the 12, so visually it is ok and even with the flaw I love the watch and use it every day.

      But maybe you find a way. Then please post your solution at this blog.
      Have a lot of fun with your Laco and best regards from Germany.


  • Ahh, I understand what you mean. Just examining the way the casing is constructed (without taking anything apart at all), it looks to me like the fixed inner-bezel below the crystal is likely to be the part that retains the rotating outer-bezel to the case. What if the inner-bezel is screws into the front of the case in the same way that a case “back” is screwed into the back of a case? In other words, with the crystal removed, do you think it is possible to turn the inner-bezel to see if it unscrews? Just a thought. A special tool might have to be made to grip the inner-bezel without making marks on it – maybe an expanding case chuck could be used? But at any rate, it would not be easy! I have no idea how the bezel retainer is actually constructed. I hope there’s some way to do it. Have you tried asking Laco if there is a way to remove it? Since your bezel is stuck, you have a good reason to ask them!

    Anyway, my bezel is black PVD on the 861215, and my idea is to remove the black PVD coating, but only on the top surface of the bezel, changing the white bezel markings to black, but, leave the black PVD on the knurled egde. Its a slightly different look.

  • Short answer: if you have a self-luminous “dot” at 12 o clock it is a MK I and you have to live with the flaw. If you have a “triangle” it is a MK II and there must be a possibillity to change the bezel cause Laco can repair it. All my models a MK I versions.
    But to your customizing idea: i can imagen this and it sounds great. With a silver bezel you can hold the clean and quiet design but gives it a individual peek. So if you have a MK I the question is what does this customizing cost you? For my customizing i had worked with the legendary Mr. Causemann. Normaly you can`t afford his work. But if you give him a lot lot lot of time – in my case more then one year- he will make you an affordable price. For example he can build you a silver bezel plate which fits exactly at the top of the Laco and you can glue it at that position.

    I don`t know where you are living but maybe there is a similar service like Causemann in your area.



  • Hi Timo, yeah, mine has the “luminous dot” at 12 o’clock. Thanks for forwarding Mr. Causemann’s web site. He does very beautiful work. I live in California, so it may not be very practical, not even considering the cost. I think I’ll just leave it original and enjoy it that way for now!

  • The distance is not the big deal, cause from the dimensions our both watches are equal. So if you really like to do your customizing I could give Mr. Causemann my watch for measuring and later the finished stuff is so thin that it can be send to California as a letter. It is your choice.

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