# What does digitallity smell and taste like?

Digital products do not smell or taste, they have no different perceptible surfaces and they have no weight. So only the eyes and ears can tell something about a material value or build up a minimal sensitive relationship between the products and their owners. But is this enough? In the post digital era „something has weight“ had been an idiom for „something has great relevance“. The weight had given our brain the confirmation for the valence. I like the German word for „appreciation“ – „Wertschätzung“. It is a composition of „Wert“ = „value“ and „Schätzung“ = „treasures“. But how to learn appreciation if always fewer things are having a sensually experienced corporeality? Is there a relation between the weakening of ties to objects and persons and the loss of weight as a scale. Knowing what an iPhone costs are different than knowing what it’s worth. If I have to do Smalltalk one of my questions is if people have favourite items. How long do they own them? Have they had to save money over a longer period before they could buy them? And how they will describe their relation to the favourite items in comparison to their other stuff. „Wertschätzung“, a nice word – especially for me, who is producing digital content and who loves my Karmann Ghia even more for his smell, his weight and his surfaces.

If you like the smells, the typical surfaces and the weights of metal, glass and leather, have a look at my leather holster, my customized Laco diver and my USB necklace.



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