Sometimes old tech stuff looks like the complete artwork of a vinyl record. Here are some photos I made with #electro boy, a timeclock out from 1960.

Although the name #electro boy rather suggests an international designer and manufacturer, the timer is a product of the German company Hugo Müller.

If you want to see what is inside an electro boy, have a look at Geert Spekken mind- and things-blowing art project deconstructionart.

If you like deconstruction in motion, have a look at dina Amins beautiful upcycling animation-art.

And If you like the #electro boy you will like the philosophical intercom #hear #speak #open too. I have found and photographed it twenty years ago in a Berlin apartment. If you know the name of the product or/and the manufacturer please write them into the comment. I have the idea to photograph the stuff again. But the building with the intercom had been demolished. So I try to find and buy one and for that I need the markings.


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