MIND.WORK® is a trademark registered as DPMA 302019004883/DE and an open lab for researches and developments in the field of sensory perceptions.

TIME:LOCK® is a trademark registered as DPMA 3020090528861/DE DPMA 3020090635897/DE and the brand for releasing developed concepts.

The term TIMELOCK is out of a theoretical paper by P. Vandevelde and J.-R. Geurts which was published under the name “L’horloger de la comète” and dealt with the phenomenon of time. In their work Vandevelde and Geurts are sketching a possibility to stop time and preserve for a brief moment. Vandevelde and Geurts call this effect a TIMELOCK and it becomes visible in the form of architecture, motion-pictures, photos, graphics, words, sounds, works of art, apparel, ornaments, fragrances, meals, drinks, memories, thought or relations. Cause each man-made work is a snapshot, a TIMELOCK of feelings, thoughts and living conditions which existed during its creation. And this TIMELOCK can be decoded with the help of the human senses.