Faulty PowerBen?

Hi PowerBen, Today I`ve got my perk from your Indiegogo-Campagne: the PowerBen Plus 48000mAh. Loading-time of its battery via USB-C looks fast and after 40 Minutes the display is showing 100%. But a second after I unplug the USB-C cable the display jump to 0%. So I try it again and when the display shows 34% I unplug the cable in front of my camera for you – with this result:

Let the battery load overnight I get this result:

Any advice? The shipping date is November 11, 2021. Firmware Version is 1.50, Contribution ID is 374.

Six “battery calibration routines” later in which I had plugged the USB-C cable into 3 times in C2 and 3 times in C1 I now get this result when I unplugged the USB-C cable:

What you can see at the beginning of the video is that I use a high-performance charger from Baseus which theoretically can run with 100W. Here are some detailed information about it.

Result: I have got a faulty PowerBen and would like to have a replacement or my money back.