modding the fuji finepix f31fd with viewfinder, lens adaptor for wide lens converter and other stuff.

modding the fuji finepix f31fd Martin Blum

Next to my Digilux 2 I use a Fuji F31FD which is the best ps camera for shooting in available light. No other consumer camera has such a good performance in 800/1600 iso (excluding the F20 and F30 from Fuji cause of using the same sensor). But compared to my Digilux 2 I missed some ergonomic things. So I made different modding.

modding the fuji finepix f31fd Martin Blum

I´m wearing glasses and have to hold the camera 40 cm apart for focus with the LCD. The answer is a Voigtlaender 35mm viewfinder. For this, I fixed a hot-shoe adapter with glue on the top of the camera. Cause of using the F31 mostly with 36mm the Voigtländer works perfectly. Especial in lowlight and with glasses. Next, I took an LCD hood and fixed it with two little magnetic stripes. So it`s easy to put it on and of the LCD. For a better left-hand grip, for using filters or for a wide lens I bought the special filter adapter. And for less protection, a lens hood fits perfect on the adaptor. Every modding part is matching the design of the F31 very well. So now the F31 looks a little bit like a stylish modern viewfinder camera. The whole stuff is not custom-made but all parts of this modding can be bought in some internet shops or on eBay. And in 15 seconds the modding can be rebuilt (excluding the hot shoe). To finish the modding I will put a clamp on the cameras left side for using a neck strap.


Complete modding set_

Full review of the F31FD_


modding the fuji finepix f31fd Martin Blum
modding the fuji finepix f31fd Martin Blum
modding the fuji finepix f31fd Martin Blum


  • Hi,

    I admire your modyfications – very professionally done indeed.

    We have several of f30 and f31 in my family and for some time now I was searching the Internet for lens adapter. Would you mind to diclose where were you able to puchase such a nice lens adapter tube. It looks splendid, very professional…

    To complement your kit you may also want to consider an external flash – I would recommend Metz 28 cs2 digital. For those rare occasions when the suberb low light ability of this camera will reach its limits…

    I would be grateful for any info regarding silver lens adapter.

    Congratulations on a very professional modyfications.

    Kind regards


    PS. The pictures are fantastic!

  • Hi Ted and thanks for the kind words to the moddings and the pictures. It had cost me a lot of time to get the lens adapter. First i found an “universal adapter” on ebay.
    But it had to much options to adjust. Then i found the adapter you can see on this blog at an Japanese webside. But it was sold out:-)
    It took 2 hours more of expressive googleing to find a dealer in spain, who sells the adapter (only) in a set with a filter. I bought a polar-filter and the very solid made stuff.

    It fits and looks perfect on the F31FD and the F30. Very good for working with filters and very good for holding the camera quiet steady with the left hand.
    Last week i was on a design exhibition and a lot of people wanted to know, which expensiv and nice looking camera i have:-)
    Next week i will test a wide lens on the adapter.
    Best regards

  • Hi,

    I have just placen an order for the filter with an adapter. Thank you very much for the info!

    I will also very anxiously await your wide angle lens tests. Just wondering which lens are you using?

    I have several magneting lenses for my F30. At first I bought wide angle and telephoto lenses of ebay.
    They were no good at all. Wide angle lens was better of the two, but it also had very soft edges. The tele lens 2x was simply awful… But later I have seen some comments on DPreview site about Hama magnetic lens wide angle, and the user was quite happy… I bought the lens.It is suprisingly good actually – not much softness, some but very slight. Quite acceptable.They do different models, some of them may fit the diameter of the lens, but will not match sensor – this is quite interresting info from Hama – and the image will have blurred edges. The lens is quite difficult to use. There is a constant danger of the lens dropping off. I was searching for the suitable adapter and I suddenly saw your pictures. Thank you for the info.

    I admire your Baltic pictures. I am Polish so it is particulary close to my heart…

    Where are you based please? And also – if you do not me asking – are you a professional photographer?

    Kindest regards


  • Hi,
    I´m based in Germany and i`m working in a film company. Photography is a good way for relaxation, cause in comparison to filmmaking you need a minimum stuff and no big team. It have more to do with silence:-)
    I take a 0,5 wide converter with a 37mm mount from ebay.

    Only problem is that the front houses of the camera lens makes a little bit reflections from inside.
    Maybe i will put some black tape on to the metal. Next week i will test the setup and post some shots.

    Best regards

  • It is poorly a little to busy at work but next week i`m on Amrum and can test the setup. And post the results. The hood have a filter threat for putting it on the top of the lens adapter or in front a filter.

    Best regards,


  • Brainwalker…

    I just wanted to say your Digi 2 photos with the Panasonic wide adapter are absolutely mind blowing! I have been sending the web address to other Digi 2 owners I know. Amazing photos. You are VERY talented! You should set up a Flickr account so people here in the states can see your work. Its through Yahoo and free. I’d love to see your photos postings on a regular basis.
    Thanks for your contributions to the photo world,
    Frank Weir
    Michigan, USA

  • Hi Frank and thanks for the kind words.
    Mind blowing is realy a big compliment. I will pass it to my camera.
    Looks like you are a DL2 enthusiast too.
    To your suggestion with the flickr account:
    But my future plan is to change all accounts, videos and photos up to my own webspace or this blog. Cause i don`t like the presentation forms of most services (incl. flickr). And i can`t remember to many passwords ;-)

  • Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  • Hi Brainwalker,

    Does your lens adapter has a type number or anything?

    I’m not able to find this adapter.

    Any help please?



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