tom dams dream studio

In my mind, deep silence is not the opposite of noise. Physically and psychologically it is the starting point and requirement for any spoken word, for any played music and any natural or synthetic sound. If you understand this theory, if you wish absolutely to be focused and you can handle the withdrawal symptoms cause not getting your daily high-level doses of information and distraction, Studio Forstmehren is the place to be. Only the temporal length of an episode “Mr. Robot” or “Game of Thrones” away from Cologne mastermind Tom Dams found the place to materialized his life dream. Tom is a producer of Klaus Schulze, the Musician/ Composer/ Producer/ Engineer of Mojo People, Solar Moon, Karma, Germaniacs, Papalagi, the Re-Mixer of JOI, Waldeck, Morgoth, Brother II Brother, Orient Expressions, Latin Quarter. He is the composer of scores for movies and commercials, made 5.1 / surround mixings and mastering. And with this background, he designed and build a completely new house for exactly two reasons – for the perfect silence and the perfect sound. Deep respect and deep love for my brother in mind.

TIMELOCK 50.70149°N 7.53684°E




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