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I have holidays and this is the time to cut old video footage from 1988. Lying in my cellar for more than 30 years the material had become very bad – technically and visually. But it is the only motion picture footage about a special night in the Leopold Hoesch Museum Düren. A night in which the building has been staffed and resounded by extremely different local musicians like Roland Peil, Georg Weber, Josif Lukenic and many many more. Mainly been organized by Uschi Krosch such an event had never happened before and never afterwards. Astonishing cause I never before and never afterwards had watched so many young and old visitors together peacefull and concentrated in the building. My friend Jesus Canneloni is a part of the night, the music and the love. Writing some words about this TIMELOCK  I suddenly notice that it is the morning of the 24th December – before the night the other Jesus was born. Coincidence?


Many of the musicians in this TIMELOCK made a career and are still successful today. Examples of their music are easy to find on the internet. But if you like the stuff from Jesus – one of the best sax player we ever had – then join him and me on a walk together with improvisations for saxophone, flute, drum, voice and camera. We had so much fun and such a good time together.





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