protection case for goal zero serpa 100ac

To use my communication devices and cameras for 24 hours while being on the road I bought a Sherpa 100AC. But like my other working stuff the new power bank from Goal Zero has to work perfectly also in dusty environment and in a condition where it can get punches and scratches. Therefore I have tested some rugged cases and travel bags and tried to find the one which protects the expensive stuff most. For me it is the SN Anti-shock GoPro HD Hero Case (UPC/EAN/ISBN_4894462253854). It is not much bigger than the power bank, have additional space for cables, power adapter and the manual is stable and lightweight at the same time. The only detail I had to individualize had been the foam mat cause the one for the Hero logically will not work for the Sherpa. But you can find a lot of cheap sounds absorbing nub foam matt on eBay.

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