,,You decode – therefore I am” is the titel of a colaboration project Sebastian Karbowiak and Pierre Galic had realised for the Cityleaks 2013. Within 6 days Sebastian transformed a side wall of an inconspicuous building into the mural ,,Das kaputte Pferd” (“the broken horse”). After he finished his work he took a photo from the result. And then Pierre Galic painted a hugh QR-Code over Sebastians mural. Decoding this second metamorphose via smartphone you got back to the view with Sebastians original painting. At his hompage you can find a short step for step documentation about ,,You decode – therefore I am”. And you could have study this intelligent piece of art until now at 50.95015°N 6.91846°E .

2018 the parking space around the mural is beeing transformed into town houses. But it looks like the workers had not waste time with deleting the painting before they began to build a new side wall direct at the one with the mural. And so Karbowiaks and Galics project can get an unplanned transformation and conservation. In METAMORPHOSIS III the mural will be covered behind a QR-Code which is covered behind a wall for the next decades. Maybe in the future, when the new building will come to the end of its lifetime and will be demolished, someone will rediscover an hugh painting of a QR-Code from 2013.




TIME:LOCK 50.95018°N 6.91855°E

QR-Code online decoding via zxing.org/w/decode.jspx

QR-Code online generator via the-qrcode-generator.com

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