tutorial for 4K hdmi out of the panasonic gx80 / gx85

I found no easy and clear tutorial for getting 4K video out of my Panasonic GX80 / GX85 to record this in HQ. So I connected an Atomos Field Recorder with the GX80 HDMI and made this workaround.

First, go to Motion Picture / Rec Format.tutorial hq 4k out of the gx80 7 gx 85Set the Rec Format to MP4.tutorial hq 4k out of the gx80 7 gx 85Go next to Rec Quality.Set 4K 25p or 4K 24p.Go next to TV Connection.Set off the HDMI Info Display (Rec).Here the result at the OSD of the Atomos: 4K 25p tutorial hq 4k out of the gx80 7 gx 85

And here the whole tutorial as a video.

To use the DMC GX 80 / 85 as a video camera I had to do some customisations. Have a look at this post https://mind.work/2019/05/24/customized-pansonic-lumix-dmc-gx80-gx85/


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